Fuel and electricity

Best of both energies

Your dual-energy system heats your home with fossil fuel, such as oil, during the periods when electricity demand is very high. These peak periods generally occur during the coldest winter weather. Dual-energy heating therefore plays an important role in the wise use of electricity.

A dual-energy heating system uses electricity as the principal energy source and a fossil fuel, such as oil, as an auxiliary source.

If you are to get the most out of a dual-energy system, the switchover from one energy source to the other must be automatic. For this reason, your heating system has an automatic switch that reacts when an outdoor temperature sensor, usually built into the meter, sends it a signal at a specified temperature.

  • When the outside temperature is equal to or above the switchover temperature, the heating system runs on electricity, which is billed at the lower rate.
  • When the temperature falls below the switchover temperature, fuel heating takes over and the electricity used for other purposes is billed at the higher rate.

The mode selection switch on the dual-energy system is used to choose whether the heating system runs on fuel, dual energy or electricity.