Smart Duct System

New Product part of the HVAC in a BOX® offer,  now available

As loads in High Performance homes go lower, volume of required conditioned air drops, causing a decline in performance for traditional duct systems.

The Smart Duct System® was designed with the builders’ requirements in mind as well as the building science community’s input.

The right airflow is as important in considering the load per room as the BTUs. The Smart Duct System provides a leakage of 5% or less when properly assembled. Our vision behind this system is called HVAC in a box, allowing the builder eliminate bulkheads and added expenses, while optimizing floor plan designs.

The High Performance homes environment appreciates the longer cycles that is offered by the lower airflow in combination of the right BTUs, our “HVAC in a Box®” concept also include zoning capabilities.

This système offers numerous benefits to the builders, building science, mechanical contractor, and the homeowner.









Now available in option: the Smart Zoning System

A multizone heating and cooling system

  • 2, 3 or 4 zones
  • Directly connects to 8” trunks
  • Simple plug and play installation

For more information, please refer to the brochure.