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Dettson – Member of Innovair Solutions


Provide sustainable solutions to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) industry by offering systems designed to maximize residential comfort. This commitment is made possible by both the undertaking of our employees and the contribution of our partners in innovation.


Dettson Industries will become a reference for its agility in developing sustainable solutions that contribute to home comfort in each of the North American climate zones, taking into consideration the different energy challenges, while recognizing the specifications of the Canadian and of the HVAC replacement market.

We will realize our potential through responsible innovation in collaboration with our distribution network and our intelligent business partners that we move amongst, as well as providing our employees with the necessary tools to design, offer, and manufacture these products in a safe and cost effective manner.


  • Be a part of our clients and partners success
  • Respect for the individual
  • Continuous improvement
  • Safety and reliability of our appliances
  • Ownership

Quality Policy Dettson Inc.

Our mandate is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering safe and reliable products and solutions. We rely on quality and continuous improvement to meet this objective.

Our expertise promotes engagement from all our employees and invites our customers to provide feedback on the performance of our products and services.

We are committed to constantly improve our knowledge, experience, and values in a controlled company environment. Our constant performance allows us to achieve excellence in our field for our clients and partners by favouring:

  • The reliability and safety of our products
  • Performance
  • Continuous improvement
  • The creation of value
  • A collaborative approach

In order to meet these criteria, it’s imperative that we meet certain certification requirements, such as ISO 9001. In this manner, quality is integrated with every facet of the company’s activities.

Meeting these engagements relies on a culture of implication, teamwork, and responsibility for everyone within Dettson. It is the key to our success!


Dominic Rivest-Daoust, ING
Sherbrooke Plant Manager