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Why choose Dettson

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Why choose Dettson?
At Dettson, we offer ambitious projects, a climate of collaboration,
advantageous working conditions and challenges that match the strengths and talents of each person.
This is an exceptional opportunity to grow professionally
within a stable and committed company.

Location, easily accessible

Are you looking for a fulfilling career with an exceptional company? Look no further. Dettson is a Quebec-based company with a rich, seven-decade history of which we are proud. As a well-established manufacturer in Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships, our location is easily accessible by public transit or major highways.

Work environment and human approach

Our “people-first” approach sets us apart. With us, you are an individual with unique qualities and aspirations. We foster a friendly, collaborative work environment in clean, safe surroundings.

A supportive, collaborative and rewarding team

Joining Dettson also means joining a supportive team that values teamwork, collaboration and takes pride in the quality of the products it designs.

This creates a positive work culture, encouraging employees to work together and invest in their roles. We welcome a multi-generational workforce, offering diverse experiences and perspectives. Working alongside people of different ages enriches your professional and personal development, and encourages mutual learning.

You’ll work as part of a multidisciplinary team of people with training and experience in different areas such as: assembly, operations, electromechanics, engineering, project management, sales and customer service, and many more! It’s a great way to get to know people with very enriching backgrounds on a daily basis.

Diversified roles and opportunities

Our employees appreciate the fact that they can move into a more influential role in a short space of time, making Dettson an ideal choice for ambitious individuals.

They also mention that their work is carried out in a supportive working environment and that at Dettson, it’s possible to make an impact quickly thanks to our openness to professional development.

Benefits for a better quality of life

In addition, we offer generous benefits including:an early retirement plan,

  • an employee assistance program,
  • group insurance,
  • a group retirement plan with employer participation,
  • and a profit-sharing system.

We like to dine together and celebrate birthdays and special holidays. These benefits enhance the overall quality of life for all Dettson team members.

Do you want to make an impact
and be part of the Dettson team’s progress?
Send us your application and join our adventure!