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Right-Sized System

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By integrating our Alize variable speed outdoor condensing unit with our Chinook modulating gas furnace and their proprietary communicating thermostat, we have developed the Right-Sized System which is exclusive to Dettson. The Right-Sized System® will provide homeowners with unequalled comfort that until now has not been available to them. Dettson is the first manufacturer in North America to offer the Right-Sized System® designed for today’s tighter, well insulated and more energy efficient homes. High performance homes require a central system with longer operation cycle times rather than the short cycling typical of most HVAC equipment. The new building codes coupling with volunteer programs such as Energy Star, HERS, R2000 and LEED result in energy efficient homes that allow much less heat loss during winter and less heat gain during summer. By working with builders and third party labs, Dettson developed the Right-Sized System which offers less indoor temperature variation and greater humidity control. Because the central system is designed for longer run times with lower airflows it is also much quieter than typical systems

Advantages of this technology:

  • Indoor comfort is improved for both heating and air conditioning because the operation cycles of the system are longer;
  • Because of the longer cycles, the system uses lower cfm of between 150 and 350 cfm instead of the traditional 1000 cfm or greater;
  • This approach, in conjunction with the Dettson thermostat control, also enables greater dehumidification control;
  • The ECM motor and low fan speed results in a very quiet unit when functioning: 49dB for 1 ton unit, 56dB for 2 tons.
  • The outdoor unit footprint is decreased by the “side discharge” design of the condenser.

Our cooling unit Alizé can also be combined to our new modulating platform Supreme from our electric furnaces offer, which allows the Right Sized System also.