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What is Dettson?

Long lasting commitments…

Since 1952, Dettson Industries has worked relentlessly to develop innovative products adapted to the needs of the North American population with a particular focus on the Canadian market and its different climate zone requirements. Throughout the years, Dettson Industries has evolved from being a major manufacturer of heating appliances to the development of sustainable space conditioning solutions. Going forward, the development of finer controls coupled with a growing knowledge of thermodynamic applications will offer residential competitive systems with increased comfort. It will allow Dettson Industries to become the key manufacturer of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning) industry in North America, or even the emerging large dwarf.

The creative corporate culture of Dettson Industries is a key factor to its many successes. It provides great flexibility regarding the capacity to develop effective solutions that the customers are looking for. The company has been able to nourish and maintain its commitment to constant innovation.  Since October 5th 2010, Ouellet Group, which is headquartered in L’Islet, Quebec, had acquired Dettson Industries Inc. The President and CEO of Ouellet Group, Mr. Martin Beaulieu, is proud of this strategic addition to the group which already possessed five other business units inside the group; each one of them having its own financial statements.

At the time of acquisition by the Ouellet Group,Dettson Industries’ activity focused specially on  oil-fired and electric warm air as well as hydronic heating systems for residential and light commercial applications. Dettson Industries also manufactured gas warm air and hydronic systems through the ’80s and ’90s. Mr. Beaulieu planned to develop this company by restoring its spirit of growth in unison with an experienced management team already in place, as well as by the addition of new resources. Let’s not forget the contribution of all the Sherbrooke plant’s employees, their know-how as well as their commitment has been well demonstrated over the years.

Dettson 3.0 delights our employees as well as our existing and potential customer partners. In 2011, an action plan including new client solutions was established concerning the development of new innovative products that are adapted to the different climatic requirements and to the building code changes across all North-America. Mr Beaulieu is proud to see the expected actions and improvements taking shape since. It explains why our shareholder has always showed support to Dettson’s management team and all the employees in this significant shift.

Nowadays, at the end of 2015, there is still much work to do in order to reach our set technologic aspirations and targeted growth. In addition to an extraordinary shareholder, Dettson Industries feels privileged to have such high-quality associates from Building Science or different labs as well as builders, contractors and distributors.

Industry Leaders

Since the very beginning, Dettson Industries has constantly delivered on developments. As outlined below, on numerous occasions under the ownership of Mr. André Lespérance; the company was recognized for its ability to market innovative and efficient products.

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Historical Milestones

INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT of the following years