ACD MultiZone Heat Pumps

Up to 5 different zones

Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps, commonly known as “mini split” heat pumps, do not need air ducts like central systems. The outdoor unit (condenser) and the indoor unit (evaporator) are connected by refrigerant piping and electrical wires that pass through a small 3″ opening in the wall.

Our multi-zone heat pumps can help you control up to 5 different comfort zones. Only one outdoor unit is fixed at your house so it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Our MUD model can heat up to -30°C outdoor winter temperature!

Different types of outdoor units are available to meet your needs: Wallmount, Console, Floor or Ceiling unit, Ductable unit and Cassette. For more information, consult the MPD or MUD brochure available in the table at the bottom of the page.

Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps offer several advantages:

  • Can be controlled individually and adapted to each room where they are located, thereby optimizing comfort while reducing energy consumption.
  • Perfect for retrofits where it’s impossible or very expensive to install air ducts in existing ceilings and walls.

Each of the Dettson Minisplit includes technological features enhancing better comfort and higher efficiency:

  • 4 Way Air Outlet: Maximise home comfort with the louver that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.
  • Auto Clean: After powering off, the fan stays operational until the inside of the indoor unit is dry for your unit to stay clean and healthy.
  • Quiet : Minimization of vibrations and noise level of the outside unit with its variable speed fan.
  • I Feel Option: The air flow and set temperature of the indoor unit are adjusted accordingly to the mini sensor in the remote, in order to obtain an optimal comfort level.
  • High efficiency : Cutting-edge electronics for precise motor control and high efficiency electronic expansion valves for precise refrigerant flow.
  • Intelligent Defrost: The defrosting is performed only when needed, thus reducing energy waste by eliminating unnecessary defrost.


SerieDescriptionMax. SeerBrochureSubmittal sheetOwner's manual
MPDOutdoor Unit22 MPD X60012-01 X62407
MUDOutdoor Unit23 MUD Coming soon
OCDIndoor Unit: Wallmount22 X60012-01 X62405
CMDIndoor Unit: Console22 X60012-01 X62408
FCDIndoor Unit: Floor or ceiling unit22 X60012-01 X62409
CCDIndoor Unit: Cassette22 X60012-01 X62410
SMDIndoor Unit: Ductable unit22 X60012-01 X62411