Chinook family

Entirely designed and made in Canada!

The warranty has been changed: 

  • 10 years warranty on parts for residential applications
  •   5 years warranty on parts for commercial applications
  • Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchanger for residential applications


The Chinook gas furnace  offers the smallest footprint of all the industry. It comes in a variety of powers from 15,000 to 120,000BTU. This range of power allows to adequately answer to new constructions’ needs while offering appliances to the replacement market. Dettson is the first and only manufacturer of modulating and 2-Stage furnaces with 15 kBTU and 30kBTUs.

The Chinook is offered in 2 series:

1.2 stage ECM, the variable speed motor allows to answer to the Energy Star standards.

Now available in 15kBTU and 30kBTU!

2. Modulating, the cream of comfort, because it is designed with a control enabling variable speed operation of its fan, as well as modulation of its gas valve.

The Modulating Chinook can also be combined with our heat pump, offering an unmatched comfort 12 months a year and access to the Right-Sized System®, exclusive to Dettson.

  • Longer operation cycles
  • Quiet and continuous operation
  • Ideal for new construction
  • Lower CFM
  • Does not overheat the house and enables energy savings
  • Multiposition easy to instal
  • Combined with cooling systems from 9,000BTU to 36,000BTU

Moreover, the Chinook family can also be powered by propane, a simple conversion kit is necessary and must be provided at the time of purchase.

Right-Sized System®