FXD central Heat Pump

Above, the FXD combined to the AH air handler. Below are the electric and gas furnaces.

FXD central Heat Pump

Central ducted heat pump from 2 to 5 tons

Universal Inverter ducted heat pump with high energy efficiency

Buy a heat pump to benefit from cooling and heating.

10 years warranty on parts and compressor.

Regulation by INVERTER technology

  • The quietest, comfortable and energy-saving.
  • “Ultra heat” : High performance in heating at low ambient temperature.
  • “Ultra cool” : High performance in cooling at high ambient temperature.

Certified AHRI in combination with the Elevated Static pressure (ESP) air handler.

You can also combine the FLEXX with one of our electric or gas furnaces to obtain maximum comfort with dehumidification and venting.


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Can be combined to our electric furnace
Can be combined to our gas furnace