Hydra Mechanical 3 to 12 kW & Hydra Mechanical 24 to 29 kW


Compact electric boiler with mechanical control

Available from 3 to 29kW to meet all your needs : condos, single home, multi-apartments or light commercial

  • 6 installation options
  • Easy to install even in restricted space
  • Certified for copper or aluminium wiring
  • Approved for 208/240 V

Mechanical control by adjustable aquastsat

  • Adjustable mechanical high limit
  • Relay with timer card for a delay on the second element
  • Combined gauge for pressure and temperature
  • Pump relay
  • 2 Stages
  • 1 terminal bloc for all capacities

Available powers

3 to 29 kW, see table below

1-2 elements3-4 elements5-6 elements
Weight20 kg/45 lb29,5 kg/65 lb38,6 kg/85 lb
Diameter Input/Output1 po. npt1 1/4 po. npt

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6 piping installation options