This well-known Dettson product has gone through a resytling!

Dettson provides an unrivalled offer because of the product line depth. The Supreme electrical warm air furnace offers three platforms answering different market needs. Here are some of the key new features of the Supreme:

  • Improved return design of the pre-punched “Knock-outs” patterns for easier overall installation
  • New cabinet dimensions for supply size of 20″ x 20″
  • Separately framed elements allowing quick and easy replacement
  • A fully modulating platform from 0 to 100%
  • Improvements have been done reflecting feedback from our installation partners, distributors, and homeowners
  • Allows for our Right-Sized System ®, in combination with our variable speed (air-to-air heat pump) outdoor cooling unit

If you are in a market which uses electricity as the primary heating energy source for residential requirements and want a hassle-free forced-air furnace with no preoccupation while enjoying an extremely silent operation, consider a modulating unit. It will impress you without any doubt. Moreover, if you dare to combine this modulating Supreme with the Dettson cooling unit Alizé, this will be the wisest purchase you will have ever made concerning a home comfort system.

Supreme Comfort

A platform which offers a galvanised cabinet and a PSC* motor only.
*(For Quebec only)

Supreme Advantage

This unit offers a broader output range than the Comfort platform. Furthermore, the painted cabinet and designer front doors offer an updated look with the option for a variable speed (ECM) motor. (Available only with the ECM engine except for Quebec)

Supreme Modulating

It offers the same capacity kW range as the Advantage platform, and in addition a fully 0 to 100% modulating operation (not only a staged operation). This full modulation of the elements is combined with a variable speed motor in order to fully benefit this advanced control for energy efficient operation. This modulating version of the Supreme also offers the ability to achieve the Right-Sized System® comfort combined with the Alizé modulating cooling unit.

Note: The modulating version is not offered by all our distributors

To know more about the Right-Sized System®, watch the following video