Oil Accessories
Oil Accessories

Optimum efficiency and unequivocal performance

VTK Sealed Combustion System

  • Direct vent.
  • Combustion performed with 100% outdoor air.
  • Installation without chimney.
  • Proper furnace operation even under negative pressure.

SMH Sidewall Venter

  • Mechanical vent with blower.
  • Approved for zero clearance to combustible material.
  • Ideal for homes and multi-tenant buildings.
  • Economic, efficient and flexible.
  • Back flow damper included.
  • Approved to withstand the effects of 130km/h winds.

Available models


  • VTK 53
  • VTK 54
  • VTK 64
  • VTK 65


  • SMH-1
  • SMH-3
  • SMH-4
  • SMH-5
  • SMH-6



Installation instructions

VTK Manual
SMH Manual
SMH Installation figure

Model Selection Chart

VTK Models
SMH models