Heating pump Mini-Split

Ductless Heat pump (Mini-split heat pumps)

Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps, commonly known as “mini split” heat pumps, do not need air ducts like central systems. The outdoor unit (condenser) and the indoor unit (evaporator) are connected by refrigerant piping and electrical wires that pass through a small 3″ opening in the wall.

Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps offer several advantages:

  • Can be controlled individually and adapted to each room where they are located, thereby optimizing comfort while reducing energy consumption.
  • Perfect for retrofits where it’s impossible or very expensive to install air ducts in existing ceilings and walls.

Our Minisplit include technological features enhancing better comfort and higher efficiency:

  • 4 Way Air Outlet: Maximise home comfort with the louver that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.
  • Auto Clean: After powering off, the fan stays operational until the inside of the indoor unit is dry for your unit to stay clean and healthy.
  • Quiet : Minimization of vibrations and noise level of the outside unit with its variable speed fan.
  • I Feel Option: The air flow and set temperature of the indoor unit are adjusted accordingly to the mini sensor in the remote, in order to obtain an optimal comfort level.
  • High efficiency : Cutting-edge electronics for precise motor control and high efficiency electronic expansion valves for precise refrigerant flow.
  • Intelligent Defrost: The defrosting is performed only when needed, thus reducing energy waste by eliminating unnecessary defrost.

To view the catalog with all the models: ACD_Catalog_EN

To consult the warranty: Minisplit_Warranty

SerieDescriptionMax. SeerSpecificationInstallation guide
Default Codes Default Codes Coming soon
FLEXX Universal Inverter ducted split system 20 FLEXX Coming soon
FLEXX + Air handler Central heat pump with ESP Air Handler 20 FLEXX + Air handler Coming soon
ELD-KCO Single zone Air-Conditioner 15 ELD-KCO ELD-KCO
ELD Simple Zone Heat Pump 15 ELD ELD
APD Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump 16 APD APD
APD-KCO Single zone Air-Conditioner 16 APD-KCO APD-KCO
SED-17 Single Zone Heat Pump 17 SED-17 Coming soon
LPD Single Zone Heat Pump 18 LPD LPD
OCD Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump 23 OCD OCD
UHD Ductless Single Zone Heat Pump 38 UHD UHD
MPD Ductless MultiZone Heat Pump_Outdoor Unit 22 MPD MPD
MPD_OCD Ductless MultiZone Heat Pump_Indoor Unit: Wallmount 22 MPD_OCD
MPD_CMD Ductless MultiZone Heat Pump_Indoor Unit: Console 22 MPD_CMD
MPD_FCD Ductless MultiZone Heat Pump_Indoor Unit: Floor or ceiling unit 22 MPD_FCD
MPD_SMD Ductless MultiZone Heat Pump_Indoor Unit: Ductable unit 22 MPD_SMD
MPD_CCD Ductless MultiZone Heat Pump_Indoor Unit: Cassette 22 MPD_CCD
OLC_DLC Light Commercial - Ductless Single Zone heat Pump_Ductable Unit 17 OLC_DLC OLC_DLC
OLC_CLC Light Commercial - Ductless Single Zone heat Pump_Cassette 17 OLC_CLC OLC_CLC
OLC_FLC Light Commercial - Ductless Single Zone heat Pump_Floor or Ceiling unit 17 OLC_FLC OLC_FLC